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Emmaus Student Ministry

Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road? (Luke 24:32)


Basic Attitudes For Bible Study  (10/11/13)

Basic Tools For Bible Study  (10/21/13)

Gospels Genre  (10/27/13)

Wisdom As Genre (11/03/13)

Psalms and Poetry (11/17/13)

Law and Covenants (11/24/13)

Narrative and Stories (12/01/13)

Prophesy and Typology (12/29/13)

How Do We Know God Exists (01/12/14)

How Do We Know Jesus Is God (01/20/14)

How Could God Send People to Hell (01/26/14)

Has The Bible Been Changed (02/09/14)

Could God Have Used Evolution (02/16/14)

How  Old Is The Earth (02/23/14)

Depravity: Why do we need Salvation (03/16/14)

Why Church? (03/21/14)

Justification: How are we Saved (03/23/14) DAN SEIDELMAN SPEAKER

Regeneration: How we begin to love God (03/30/14)

Adoption (04/13/14)

Election (04/27/14)

Endurance: How we remain saved (05/04/14)

Every  Word  of  God  is Flawless...'